Wall warts, power bricks, and little black boxes are about to become more energy efficient
Posted by Marianne DiMascio on February 02, 2016

crowded power stripAs of this month, the little black boxes attached to many small electronic devices will cost less to run due to Department of Energy (DOE) standards that will reduce the amount of energy they waste. Though the energy use per unit is small, the combined energy use from the more than 1 BILLION external power supplies (EPSs) in use in the United States adds up. And the number of black boxes keeps growing—DOE estimates that about 340 million...

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Manufacturers and efficiency advocates reach agreement on first-ever standards for wine chillers
Posted by Joanna Mauer on January 20, 2016

Today, the Appliance Standards Rulemaking and Federal Advisory Committee (ASRAC) approved an agreement reached by manufacturers and efficiency advocates to set the first-ever national standards for wine chillers and other beverage coolers. The new standards will reduce energy use by 75% relative to the least-efficient products on the market.

The new standards cover beverage coolers including wine chillers and others (collectively “coolers”), as well as a smaller category of products referred to as “combination cooler refrigeration products,” which combine a refrigerator and/or...

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2015 goes out with a burst of new efficiency standards: 2016 promises more action
Posted by Andrew deLaski on January 14, 2016

The final few weeks of 2015 proved busy ones for new national appliance and equipment standards. The Department of Energy (DOE) completed the biggest energy-saving standard in agency history, along with several important but lower-profile standards which will collectively yield large energy and economic savings. Some of them point the way to much larger future savings. Looking ahead, 2016 looks to be another big year for saving...

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First-ever pump efficiency standards reflect industry and advocate consensus
Posted by Joanna Mauer on December 31, 2015

The Department of Energy (DOE) issued new efficiency standards today for commercial and industrial pumps that are based on efficiency levels negotiated by manufacturers, efficiency advocates, and other stakeholders. In addition to establishing the first-ever national efficiency standards for pumps, the final rule also provides a mechanism for energy efficiency programs to incentivize high-efficiency pump packages.

The new standards apply to...

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DOE just issued a proposed rule for ceiling fans and a final rule for ceiling fan light kits
Posted by Andrew deLaski on December 24, 2015

Yesterday, the Department of Energy (DOE) issued two rules affecting ceiling fans: a proposed rule that would establish the first efficiency performance standards for ceiling fans, and a final rule that improves the efficiency of the lights attached to ceiling fans.

The proposed ceiling fan standards...

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New air conditioner standards will reduce cooling costs for modular classrooms and offices
Posted by Joanna Mauer on September 11, 2015

New energy efficiency standards for certain types of specialized air conditioners will reduce cooling costs for many schools as well as other buildings. The new standards issued by the US Department of Energy (DOE) last week will cut cooling energy use by about 18% relative to the current standards.

The final rule sets new minimum efficiency levels for single-package vertical air conditioners and heat pumps, which are commonly used to cool modular classrooms and offices and...

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Using less energy to keep drinks cold
Posted by Joanna Mauer on August 05, 2015

Late yesterday, the Department of Energy (DOE) proposed strong new standards that would reduce the energy consumed by beverage vending machines to keep drinks cold. The proposed standards would cut energy use by 25-65% relative to the least-efficient machines available now, and save money for schools, hospitals, hotels, and other businesses and institutions where beverage vending machines are used.

Beverage vending machines meeting the new standards, sold...

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